Some funny pix off the net
The first camera phone! The first camera phone
The first Hands Free kit! The first ever Hands Free kit.
dead snowman Give him an icepack
That's one lethal kitten! The worlds most dangerous kitten.
computer problems! The mouse is stuck and the printer is jammed.
Over worked mouse! When you spend too much time on my site
Hung! Crazy Frog is so annoying
Olympic Cat The Brittish olyimpic swimmer of 2012!
Doggie face The famous two headed dog!
Yawn! A quiet night in front of the TV!
Boo! How to scare a kitten!
Quack Quack! Mother duck whith her chicks!
World Cup! Beckhams penalty, what really happened
Dreams! "I wish I was out there"
Always read the label! You should always check the label!
Soupskiing! Waiter, Waiter There's a waterskiing fly in my soup!
Egg Farm! A real battery hen!
Switched! Greyhound racing for rabbit lovers