Enjoy The Gamez

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A platform game where you are a squirrel.
Collect colden coins, and keys.
Play here Arrow keys to move, space to open doors.
New sudoku puzzles everyday! Play here Number pad and mouse.
An exiting game of golf! Play here Use mouse to direct ball and use power meter
to swing.
Like asteroids, but with sheep! Play here Use arrow keys and space bar to fire.
Use your magnifing glass to toast ants to a crisp. Play here Use mouse, click and hold to burn.
Ever wondered how fast your reactions were?
Find out by shooting sheep!
Play here Just click on the dart.
A good stratergy game where you are trying
to clear all the tiles.
Play here Click on matching tiles that are free.
Shoot santa into the sky and see how far
he goes!
Play here Click to start, then hold down to get power.
Shoot snowballs at your opponent, 2 player. Play here Up and down for power, left and right
for angle, and space to fire.
Throw midgets into baskets. Play here Move mouse to aim,hold space to throw.
Spank a monkey. Simple Play here Grab hand and pull.
Another game of golf. This one is better! Play here Grab hand and pull.
An addictive word game. Very good. Play here Use mouse to select words
Collect all the coins, quite hard. Play here Arrow keys with alt key to jump
Hit the puck into the other goal! Simple. Play here Just slide the mouse!